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Overview of RFID transponders

Ha-VIS RFID Control ETB series

The transponders from the ETB series enable connected sensors or signals to transmit wireless data. This is accomplished completely passively without a battery or any other power supply. Years of maintenance-free operation are guaranteed.

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Robust and reliable transponders for repair and maintenance cycles in extremely harsh environments. Their housing features a high protection class, resistance to chemicals and stability even at high temperatures.

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Ha-VIS RFID VT series

A very robust on-metal transponder for use in the most extreme environments. Reading ranges of up to 6 meters are possible. Different storage versions are available.

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Ha-VIS RFID SL series

Highly robust broadband transponder for slot mounting. Wide-range reading capability, even when mounted behind metal covers; thus, perfect for integrating into drums, pallets and carrier racks.

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Ha-VIS RFID FT series

Broadband adhesive transponders for a wide range of applications. Available in different form factors and different lamination qualities. Customized print.

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