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RFID logistics - tracking and tracing



Tracking and tracing in intralogistics - UHF RFID on conveyor belts

The world is not just a straight line. It has edges, corners and curves. And it is limited: Often there is no room for additional equipment. HARTING offers products and solutions that make it possible to track and trace goods and merchandise in these environments.

  • Is tracking possible on conveyor belts in a curve?
  • No space on the conveyor belt for an antenna or scanner?
  • Can the antenna be placed under the conveyor belt?

These are the questions that typically get asked when introducing RFID into logistics centers. Day-to-day operations were generally not created at the drawing board and the subsequent use of RFID was unplanned. Unexpected problems tend to arise when automating how material flows are monitored. HARTING products and solutions are tailored to these applications and help you to overcome these problems.

They enable your goods, merchandise and products to be tracked at the points in your logistics operations where the conveyor systems run in tight curves or where there appears to be no space for installing RFID equipment. The Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® in particular has shown its strength here. The versatile and easily installed RFID antenna, consisting of a coaxial cable, follows your systems and can be integrated seamlessly. Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® is a unique way of creating individual reading zones with ease.